Die Königin der Gewürze: Safran in der klassischen Küche

The queen of spices: saffron in classic cuisine

Saffron, the golden elixir of spices, has always enchanted the culinary world. Its intense color, unique taste and subtle aroma make it an indispensable part of classic cuisine. Today we take a look at how saffron is traditionally used in various dishes.

Paella – A touch of sun:

In Spanish cuisine, saffron is a key element in the famous paella. The bright yellow color that this king of spices gives is not only visually appealing but also distinctive in taste. A few strands of saffron in the broth give the paella a deep, earthy note that perfectly complements the flavors of seafood, chicken and rice.

Risotto – gold in every fork:

Italian cuisine would not be complete without saffron. Risotto with saffron is a delicacy that pampers the palate with a harmonious mix of flavors and textures. The golden color and rich aroma of saffron give the creamy risotto an incomparable elegance.

Bouillabaisse – A touch of luxury:

The French fish soup, bouillabaisse, becomes a real feast with the addition of saffron. The spice not only intensifies the color of the soup, but also adds a subtle depth and touch of luxury that highlights the seafood in this dish.

Pastries and desserts – A sweet temptation:

Saffron also finds its way into the world of desserts. From saffron ice cream to saffron pastries, the spice adds a unique, sophisticated touch to desserts. The subtle sweetness and floral aroma make saffron a versatile companion for those with a sweet tooth.


Saffron is not just a spice; it is a journey through the senses. Its use in classic cuisine not only adds color and flavor to dishes, but also a touch of luxury. When using saffron, it is important to be sparing as its flavor is intense. Treat yourself and your guests to the pleasure of experiencing the queen of spices in all her glory.

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